Delivery Systems

We work primarily with Internet based delivery systems for distributing film content to end users. To meet the bandwidth demands placed on network infrastructure, we base our delivery method implementation upon a distributed CDN model utilizing geo-location detection. We have a strong focus on shortest path traffic routing as a low latency delivery network is critical to ensuring stream quality. Further bandwidth capacity limitations can be overcome by compressing media streams and CDN replication traffic by deploying WAN optimization technology.

  • Distributed CDN model with geo-location implementation
  • Optimal routing paths and low latency networks
  • Data compression and WAN optimization platform

Logical Diagram

  • Requests forwarded to nearest CDN presence via geo-location detection
  • Content changes actively replicated across CDN nodes


Altexxa Group Films examines and investigates numerous considerations during the design and implementation of media delivery systems to ensure solutions scale to meet the projected bandwidth demands, while also accounting for burst periods and risk factors as outlined within a standard redundancy model. While a traditional delivery system may already include distributed caches and geo-location routing, we must also optimize the transmission of data at the protocol level. Additional considerations include developing partnerships with Service Providers to assist with a robust WAN design and working with already established third-party distribution platforms.

  • Scalable delivery solutions for planned and unplanned bandwidth demands
  • Optimizing data transmission in addition to geo-location caching
  • Service Provider partnerships for robust WAN design
  • Working with third-party distribution platforms