Film Production

Altexxa Group Films division introduces its creativity platform to content producers to assist with the development of visual media. We believe the future of entertainment and interaction with end users will rely heavily on video based content, requiring organizations to focus on the production and distribution of film media. We provide content creators with the means to inspire creativity and passion, driving their vision through to finished product.

  • Creativity platform for content producers
  • Rich visual media becoming a modern requirement
  • Providing inspiration and driving creative passion


Altexxa Group Films maintains an inventory of physical assets including professional grade film equipment and required accessories for use. Additional assets include vehicles and property available for use in film production. We also maintain regional databases of vendors and personnel which are made available to our partners. Altexxa Group Films conducts continuous negotiations to grow and diversify our pool of available resources.

  • Physical assets and personnel resources available to partners
  • Ongoing expansion of resource pool for production needs


Our vision of the future of rich media depends on providing a content development platform which inspires creativity, allowing visual artists to focus more on the product without being impeded by traditional management obstacles. We introduce an idea collaboration suite powered by industry partnerships to drive creative passion. We work with content producers to integrate our creative platform within existing design teams, transforming organizational structure to achieve a fluid workflow with strong emphasis on innovation.

  • Overcoming traditional management obstacles
  • Team collaboration for powering artist creativity
  • Platform integration within existing structure