Altexxa Group primarily uses Citrix XenServer and VMware ESXi hypervisors for virtualization deployment. The virtualization model offers many advantages over legacy hardware design as it allows for high density deployments to improve hardware efficiency and add levels of redundancy. We strongly believe in the merits of virtualized solutions to provide a powerful and stable application environment.

Storage Platforms

Altexxa Group primarily uses FreeBSD and ZFS as the basis for storage platform design. We incorporate a clustered storage approach to remove critical points of failure, while also allowing for growth on the aggregate layer to ensure storage availability across new infrastructure deployments.

Advanced Security

We deploy end-point security appliances to filter WAN connectivity and provide layers of IDS/IPS protection, and also allow for encrypted VPN tunnels for remote site communication. We also work with logical application security and layered authentication profiles for internal organization users to protect critical data.

Load Balancing

For large scale application deployments we include a load balancer solution to distribute sessions across a back-end cluster of application servers. For dynamically driven applications, we also employ database clusters for added availability and redundancy.

Disaster Mitigation

To mitigate impact from geographical events or other larger scale availability failures, we work with data replication solutions to clone an application's environment across multiple site locations. In the event of critical failure at a primary site, a secondary site is activated and network routing forwards all requests to the new target cluster.

High Availability

Our portfolio design and implementation is based on a high availability model to ensure application uptime. This approach to deployment relies on other technologies such as redundant storage platforms and networking, virtualization clusters and application load balancing.