Approved VendorsProducts and services used by Altexxa Group.

Approved Vendors

Altexxa Group works with an approved set of products and vendors when planning and developing new projects. This is a result of detailed research and testing to ensure the product or service meets or exceeds our expectations of quality. Altexxa Group considers several factors when reviewing new products or services, placing higher importance on compatibility with our company vision and goals. Our preferred vendors will generally have strong community support and involvement with open-source projects.

Key Points

  • Strong community support and userbase
  • Involvement with open-source projects and solutions
  • Tested by Altexxa Group engineers in lab environment

Networking Hardware

Cisco - Utilizing IOS and NX-OS based routing and switching hardware for enterprise level network connectivity.
Juniper - A leading provider of core network routing and switching equipment. Our primary use of Juniper products is network protection and intrusion detection.
Palo Alto Networks - Providing enterprise grade network security products.
Alcatel-Lucent - Offering carrier grade Ethernet routing and switching solutions.
FortiNet - Providing the FortiGate network security appliances both as standalone hardware and virtualized installation.
Brocade - Provider of enterprise grade switching equipment.
NetScout - Utilizing the nGenius platform for network level analytics and performance monitoring.

Server Hardware

IBM - Enterprise grade server hardware and our preferred vendor for core infrastructure.
HP - Utilizing enterprise server and storage equipment.

Operating System Platforms

Debian Linux - Most of our Linux based deployments are done using the Debian Linux distribution. We believe strongly in the security and support of this distribution.
FreeBSD - We utilize FreeBSD primarily for ZFS based storage solutions. This offers the stability and performance we require.
VMware - We recognize VMware as being a leading provider of virtual solutions offering advanced failover and scalability. Our deployments include the use of ESXi and vSphere products.
Citrix - Another key player in virtual solutions is Citrix, and we utilize the XenServer virtual platform for building solutions requiring fast resource scalability and high availability.

Virtual Appliance Solutions

Sophos - The Sophos UTM is our choice solution as a virtual appliance IPS allowing for advanced network protection and VPN connectivity.
pfSense - A FreeBSD based firewall/routing platform. We utilize pfSense for end-user connectivity and protection.
Zen Load Balancer - A powerful open-source based load balancing solution allowing for scalable web server deployments for high traffic sites.
Asterisk - A powerful VoIP solution for managing inter-office telephone communication and providing an excellent foundation for public communication.
Vyatta - A powerful software-based routing appliance offering VPN, IPS and WAN solutions.
Untangle - End-point protection and filtering appliance used for auditing WAN traffic.

Software Applications

Apache/MySQL/PHP - The software service aspect for deployments requiring database and dynamic web application foundations. Utilizing the Debian Linux distribution, this provides a strong and secure development platform.
MariaDB - Powerful replacement for MySQL.
Nginx - A fast alternative to Apache based web server deployments.
Nagios - Enterprise level open-source monitoring. We deploy the Nagios monitoring platform to protect our internal infrastructure and maintain a high level of service.
Cacti - Used in conjunction with Nagios for infrastructure monitoring, the Cacti graphing solution allows us to monitor several aspects of internal infrastructure.
LibreNMS - Advanced network monitoring software.
OpenStack - Powerful virtualization orchestrator with automation abilities.
Puppet Labs - Puppet allows system administrators to easily manage automation and reporting for large numbers of systems.

Internet Services

CloudFlare - A key player in the CDN market with multiple product offerings and service levels to suit any size deployment.
Incapsula - Offering CDN and security services with a strong focus on threat detection and prevention.
StatusCake - Monitoring solution allowing off-site service tests and live notifications.
Pingdom - Well known monitoring solution with live notifications and mobile device support.

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