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Altexxa Group Team

Executive Profiles

  • Frederik Dirge

    Frederik Dirge is one of Altexxa Group's founding team members, and has been with the firm since creation in 2005. Frederik has an extensive background in the IT industry and has worked with Internet based application development, networking infrastructure, virtualization and various supporting technology.

  • Edward Braun

    Edward Braun is a senior executive officer with Altexxa Group and has been responsible for managing the firm's financial operations for a number of years. Under the lead of Mr. Braun, Altexxa Group's accounting team is dedicated to operating most efficiently and effectively.

  • Sam Smith

    Sam Smith joins the Altexxa Group team as a branding and marketing guru, providing expert management ability within our marketing and advertising developments. Mr. Smith has a background in traditional commercial advertising and has also worked extensively with Internet social media marketing platforms.

  • Simon Falwell
    Project Development

    Simon Falwell provides Altexxa Group with guidance and leadership to achieve a high level of success, and is primarily responsible for exploring outside ventures and the development of internal projects. Altexxa Group is excited to have Mr. Falwell join the executive team and incorporating his unique skills and talents within the firm.

  • Eric Brenemann

    Eric Brenemann has an extensive background in Communications and Customer Service deliverables, providing such services to several Fortune 500 over the past 10 years. Combined with a background in System Administration, Mr. Brenemann has been a valuable asset in building external relationships that ensure we will be well placed in the years to come.

  • Ronald Schmidt

    Ronald Schmidt emerges from an 8+ year education touring the most prestigious academic establishments in North America, while gaining valuable experience working alongside top professionals and innovators in the technical design and engineering fields. Mr. Schmidt will be managing and consulting on engineering and technical design contracts.

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