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  • What sort of information does Altexxa Group collect on users?

    Altexxa Group maintains logging history of public site usage and account actions within our Partner Portal system. Altexxa Group does not collect any personal financial information on its users or partners.

  • What information does Altexxa Group request electronically?

    Altexxa Group will only request information used for identifying users within our Partner Portal system. This information would include the user's full name, mailing address, e-mail address, contact telephone number, workplace name and partner subscription ID. Altexxa Group will not request personal financial information, nor would any requests for identifying information be sent via e-mail or telephone. This information is only submitted electronically within our Partner Portal system during registration.

  • Does Altexxa Group provide user information to third parties?

    Altexxa Group does not sell or distribute any user information to third party agencies unless required to do so via legal order. Altexxa Group respects the privacy rights of its users and will make every effort to maintain user privacy.

  • How does Altexxa Group store collected user information?

    Access logging information and user details collected through our Partner Portal system is securely stored within our primary Kelowna facility. This data is protected by both logical and physical security measures. No user data is stored outside of Canada.

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