Network StatusAltexxa Networks health information.

Network Status

The Altexxa Group Network Operations Center performs live health monitoring on all circuits and systems to identify infrastructure faults and points of saturation. Our network engineers work with carrier providers to ensure maximum uptime availability. Altexxa Networks utilizes a custom Nagios based deployment for central monitoring within our primary facilities, and further monitoring on network circuits is done from multiple geographical locations.

Key Points

  • Application level monitoring for core systems
  • Network circuit monitoring from multiple outside locations
  • 24/7/365 availability for health and risk assessment

Current Status

Network Host Device Type Location Status
rt01-br-kel01 Core Router Kelowna, BC
rt02-cr-kel01 Core Router Kelowna, BC
sw05-pri-gta01 Core Switch Toronto, ON
sw06-pri-mtl01 Core Switch Montreal, QC
sw04-pri-van01 Core Switch Vancouver, BC
DNS Primary Core System Kelowna, BC
DNS Secondary Core System Toronto, ON
Mail Services Core System Kelowna, BC
Remote Services Core System Kelowna, BC
cdn-pri-us01 CDN Mirror Las Vegas, NV
cdn-pri-us02 CDN Mirror Buffalo, NY
cdn-pri-eu01 CDN Mirror Munich, Germany
cdn-pri-eu02 CDN Mirror Milan, Italy
cdn-pri-ca01 CDN Mirror Vancouver, BC

Historical Events

Event Date Event Type Location Details
2015-11-20 Scheduled Maintenance Kelowna, BC Firmware updates on kel1 site core routing equipment.
2014-07-20 Scheduled Maintenance Kelowna, BC Hardware upgrade on kel1 site core routing equipment.
2013-12-16 Scheduled Maintenance Kelowna, BC Firmware updates on kel2 site core routing equipment.
2013-10-05 Scheduled Maintenance Kelowna, BC Software updates on kel1 site core system servers.

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